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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RFT: The Definition

RFT Express Logo   RFT is the first part of our name RFT Express; we always live up to our name. Getting it Right First Time is a culture which starts off by putting the customer first: How can we benefit that customer; how can we turn that customer into a client?
Without a strategy of putting the customer first, you don’t have a long term sustainable business. I explain how we at RFT have expanded this definition, and adding the requirement to continually review, improve.
I then went on to explain how we integrate the definition Right First Time into our strategy, and finally how the concept of Right First time, and the strategies used to implement, actually benefit the customer, and help change that customer into a client.
The illustration used is over 3 years old, and it works, the client is still with us, and still saving 30% on his transportation costs.
The first point of contact with a potential client is always the same, whether it’s through a phone call or through an email, no matter how it’s dressed up the essence is “give me your best price for......” and usually ends with the promise of possible extra regular work if the quote is “competitive”. I can’t remember anybody asking “What Added Value can you provide, which my current carrier doesn’t give me?”, or “how can you improve on my current carrier’s service, and still be competitive?”
They don’t ask these questions, but they appreciate the answers.
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