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Saturday, October 03, 2009

New Free Downloads- Site Upgrade

Lots of new free downloads of Games, [including 4 Free TV Channels], Home and Office Free Downloads,  Free Anti Virus, and  Free Webmaster Downloads. Just scroll down to the bottom of the new menu. We have even put an ‘add me button’ so you can bookmark these programs to you favourite book-marking site, or email to a friend.

The site is in the process of being upgraded, unfortunately we have had another of those busy months, and I haven’t had time to upgrade all pages. There is still a lot more free downloads to add, but these may have to wait until the Christmas – New Year break.

My last post titled Success was well received, and the link to RFT has produced several enquiries for quotes to Europe from people who have used the link [Your Company Name Here] use RFT Express Couriers for all our UK & European Deliveries   With  one customer who used it at the bottom of their page, saying it was already showing in Google that they now deliver their goods in Europe.

I have recently optimised RFT Express for the search term ‘Hanging Garment Deliveries in UK and Europe’ and on most of the European Google  search engines, RFT Express comes up at least once in each of the top three spots on page one. This helps those people who have used this link on their pages, as it should start showing their sites along with the RFT Express listing. It also comes up on the top Chinese search engine ‘Baidu’ as well as other search engines across the world.

It always helps to link to site with a Google Page Rank, RFT Express page rank varies between 1 and 2, which when you consider this site only went live 6 months ago, is fairly good. Unfortunately the search engines don’t take into account the visitors to the blogs. This blog  alone is redistributed by Google blog search, Blogger, Weblogs, Blo.gs, Technorati, Feed Burner, Syndic8, NewsGator, My Yahoo, PubSub.Com, Blogdigger, BlogRolling, BlogStreet, Moreover, Weblogalot,  Ice Rocket, News is free, Topic exchange,  Spin3r, Blog line, Post rank, Sky grid, Collecta, and many more. Although the readers are in the thousands, Google don’t count these visits to the site, which is stopping the page rank going as high as it should be. But they do count the links both on the blogs and when readers bookmark them on the social sites. So take advantage of the social bookmarking sites provided with the ‘add me button’ and add links to your site.

If you aren’t getting increased new business regularly from your web site, you should read the articles on our site and start spreading your name around, and climb up the search engine positions.[Take advantage of the ‘Add Me Button’ it works for your business and for social contacts.]



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