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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Social Cleansing :. Coalition Style


The ConDem’s cut in housing benefit is expected to throw 82, 000 out of their homes in the London area alone. Local councils are furiously trying to arrange bed and breakfast for these families, as they are forced out of their homes, some of whom have lived in the same house all their life.

Those that are forced out of London altogether will also find they have no jobs to go to in the areas where they can find accommodation. Described as Social Cleansing Kososva style, but as the Condems are continually trying to ram down our throats, It Is Fair. Maybe it is, on the planet they live on, wherever that is!

The cuts in housing benefits will affect many families all over the country. New council tenants will not have a home for life, as previous tenants have, but will have a fixed term before they are thrown out onto the streets, whether they are on benefits or not, and even they always pay their rent on time. Obviously this is fair. The rents will not be subsidised to the same extent as before, but will be based on 80% of the rents charged by private landlords. The Condems expect this to drive down the rents charged by private landlords. Councils are left wondering what to charge tenants who have been temporarily rehoused while their homes are being modernised. Will they have to charge the 80% as new tenants have to, and will they be subject to a fixed letting period.

The government haven't thought through the proposals yet: nothing new there then!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Budget - Is It Fair?


The ConDems are facing increased opposition from the UK public on their Budget they call a Spending Review due entirely to their contempt for the British Public.


The spending review was interrupted with shouts from the labour opposition when they suggested that this is what the ConDems had become MP’s for.

It was a sickening sight to see the  ConDems showing their contempt for the British Public on television to the whole world . The British are a very reserved race, they can be pushed so far before they snap. The ConDems are experiencing this with their confrontations with the general public, particularly on Television, one MP explained they didn’t cheer the cuts for the poorest, as the whole world saw; they simply waited to the end of the speech, then cheered. He obviously wasn’t paying attention during the cheering, or perhaps he had selective deafness. If you have had children you will know what “selective deafness is”.

I wonder if the 35 heads of the companies who were privy to the spending review, were cheering the cuts to the poor. Back in the old days, we had a parliament which was responsible for running the country, now big businesses through newspaper adverts, and the chancellor seeking their opinions are the un-elected power. You can picture David Cameron standing up in Westminster saying, ‘it’s not my fault Asda told me to do it’

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Uk Budget : Welfare Reforms

Uk Budget: Welfare Reforms   George Osborne came down hard on those people who are unable to work through disability, as well as those low income earners who struggle to survive on low incomes.

The child benefit cuts announced at the Tory party conference have been confirmed. If both parents earn less than £44,000 a year, they will continue to receive child benefit. But families with one main earner on more than £44,000 will see their benefit stopped.  A married couple with 3 children and one parent working and earning just over the £44,000 limit, will lose there benefit. A married couple with 1 child and both parents earning £40,000, a total of £80,000 will keep their child benefit. That is obviously fair. Over the next 4 years the tax threshold for high earners is to be reduced to £39,000 meaning more people will lose their chid benefit.

People on ‘Incapacity Benefit’, that is people who are disabled or have an illness which limits their ability to work, are going to have their benefits changed to an ‘Employment and Support Allowance which will be limited to 1 year, for those who are able to do some work, and whose payments are based on their National Insurance Contributions. What is the definition of ‘Some work’?

What this government doesn’t realise or even care about, is that a lot of people on incapacity benefit would like to work, apart from the fact there are precious few jobs, even for able bodied people, most employers cannot afford to specially adapt buildings and equipment to give these  incapacitated people the dignity of a job. Being trapped in your own home every single day, is not being lazy and sponging off other people, it is lonely, depressing and degrading.

For those people living in care homes that currently enjoy the Mobility element of their disability living allowance, will lose the mobility allowance.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Budget 2010

 The Budget : Defence

It is difficult to know where to start, but defence appears to be the most ludicrous of all the cuts. This government is going to scrap our most famous aircraft carrier the Ark Royal along with the famous Harrier jump jets she carries. First commissioned in November 1985 the Ark Royal has seen service all over the globe. Her latest refit completed 3 years ago in March 2007 cost £18 million, and was to be in service for the next 4 years, when the next carrier is due to be completed. This will be a revolutionary aircraft carrier, in that it will be an aircraft carrier, without aircraft. To save money the government are going to spend money to modify this carrier to take French and American planes. The next aircraft carrier is due in service 4 to 5 years after that. At this time the aircraft carrier built to replace the Ark Royal [4 years after it has been scrapped], will be mothballed, scrapped or sold, because we have no aircraft for it. All this money the government are spending will save us... er... um... nothing, but it will leave us an aircraft carrier with aircraft short for about 10 years. Not being an economist, I can’t see the logic in this.

On Sunday George Osborn said on television, that 35 of the top companies in the UK [not necessarily UK owned], had seen,  and approved the budget cuts, saying they will be good for creating jobs.  The same companies who forced this government to back down on the announced rise on employers N.I. contributions. Of course it is only right that these companies know in advance of parliament, what the cabinet is planning. The budget didn’t propose anything about creating jobs, just about cutting them; about 1 million job cuts were announced this week.

The ConDems did leak a document to the newspapers, before announcing it in parliament concerning the closing of certain “quangos”. Hoping to get the better of Labour by doing this, the papers simply took the copy they had printed in March of this year when Labour announced the abolishment of the same quangos, and substituted the word Coalition for the word Labour in their copy.

We all saw Danny Alexander posing for photos, with the budget document opened to enable reporters to photograph it.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Unversity Tuition Fees to Rise

University Fees to rise   University Tuition Fees to Rise

The Lib-Dems got into Parliament by campaigning against Tuition Fees; saying if elected they would abolish all fees. They even signed a pledge proclaiming their intention to abolish University Tuition fees. But as we all know they sold their integrity cheap, for the chance of limited power, and a promise that there would be a referendum on proportional representation. At least they have showed their true colours.

Lord Browne, the former head of BP, has announced that there will be no cap on university places; this is what he said in his statement, “Our higher education system is world-renowned but too often it enshrines the power of universities and not the power of students. These reforms will put students in the driving seat of a revolutionary new system.” What he means is that students have the power to pay up, or not go to university. The same power they had before.

Lord Browne’s Report suggests a reduction from £3.9billion to only £700million in university teaching grants , in response Vince Cable said "I don't deny that there will be a very substantial reduction in the amount of money that the Government can provide in the form of teaching grants.

A lot of courses would cease to be subsidised. Those where there is a high cost and a big national interest - science, medical courses - would continue to be subsidised."

Asked whether that meant the rest would cease to be subsidised, he replied: "That is in general going to be the case, but those figures are guesses."

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coalition Cuts for Middle England


The ConDems have announced more cuts in the benefits payments, not only are they targeting the poor, they are now hitting “middle England”. To make it fair government, they are protecting the high earners from these cuts.

Families with one parent working paying the highest rate of tax [currently the threshold is £43,876], will lose their child benefit. Next year, the tax threshold will fall to £42,375, and as low as £39,000 in 2013. Meaning more and more will lose out.

Of course families with two earners just below the higher rate tax level, will be able to jointly earn £84,000 p.a. and still be able to claim chid benefit. This is considered fair government by the Condems, however the Conservative M.P.s ,  and Ministers at their party conference, showed their disapproval  at not being told in advance about the proposed cuts. You get the impression from the P.M.’s remarks “that this was fair”, even he didn’t know about it.

It is just another one of those crazy ideas the Condems think up and announce then wonder what to do. They suggested as a last minute compromise to appease their party that they would allow couples to transfer their tax allowance to the partner who is working. Labour stopped this scheme because it was unworkable.

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