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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Social Cleansing :. Coalition Style


The ConDem’s cut in housing benefit is expected to throw 82, 000 out of their homes in the London area alone. Local councils are furiously trying to arrange bed and breakfast for these families, as they are forced out of their homes, some of whom have lived in the same house all their life.

Those that are forced out of London altogether will also find they have no jobs to go to in the areas where they can find accommodation. Described as Social Cleansing Kososva style, but as the Condems are continually trying to ram down our throats, It Is Fair. Maybe it is, on the planet they live on, wherever that is!

The cuts in housing benefits will affect many families all over the country. New council tenants will not have a home for life, as previous tenants have, but will have a fixed term before they are thrown out onto the streets, whether they are on benefits or not, and even they always pay their rent on time. Obviously this is fair. The rents will not be subsidised to the same extent as before, but will be based on 80% of the rents charged by private landlords. The Condems expect this to drive down the rents charged by private landlords. Councils are left wondering what to charge tenants who have been temporarily rehoused while their homes are being modernised. Will they have to charge the 80% as new tenants have to, and will they be subject to a fixed letting period.

The government haven't thought through the proposals yet: nothing new there then!

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