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New Tweetadder and Twitter

How to get more of what you want from Tweetadder.

The new Tweetadder allows you to do even more than the old one, and with the new Twitter page currently being rolled out, automation will be taken a step further. You will be able to link directly to your favourite social networks, Facebook, Utube, Myspace etc, without leaving your Twitter page.
I have explained in the previous articles Be a Guest Blogger, How to Use Twitter Effectively, Tweetadder and Twitter, and Beat Twitter limits. If you have followed the guidelines you should now have a good following on Twitter, as well as the important number who have followed you from your blog, or Twitter links on your facebook or website that you haven’t followed back. The new version of Tweetadder allows you to set everything to run automatically, including searching for new prospects to target when you have run out of “id’s” to follow.
Even though you have set everything to work on Automatic, you will still need to make tweeks to Tweetadder on a daily or weekly basis, if you want to gain targeted followers fast. To get the results you want requires a little bit of work.
1. The first thing you need to do is create a spreadsheet in order to gather more detailed stats. On your spreadsheet the headings should be: Date [Date you started with current follows list]: Number of Followers [your current number of followers]: Following [the user name you are generating your follows from, and two or three words describing their BIO] : Follows downloaded [the number of follows you have downloaded]: Number of follows sent [daily, weekly]: Number of Followers gained [This can be on a daily basis, weekly, or when the number of follows you have downloaded is exhausted]. And lastly the percentage of followers gained from the number of follows sent out.[You can do this automatically using your spreadsheet formulae]
2. The actual number of followers you get on a daily basis is not important statistically. When you have 50,000 followers you will get more followers on a daily basis that when you only had 5,000 followers. The percentage method enables you to keep a more accurate check on your progress and your efficiency.
You can please yourself how often you enter data into your spreadsheet, I find weekly is easiest for me. At least once a month. or whenever you have exhausted your download of follows analyse your stats. At the very least you should take an average of your percentage of followers gained column. After 5 or 6 weeks, you can go back and download the followers of a user who you got a high percentage of followers from. [The user will have acquired more followers in that time] and at the same time you can target the followers that user follows.

More Tweaks For Tweetadder.

Because you have used 2 or 3 words to describe a user’s bio, you can now use those words in Tweetadder to find other similar users.
Before we go any further, you should be aware of certain Twitter and Tweetadder rules.
Once you have passed the 2,000 followers figure, Twitter limit the number of follows you can post in a 24hr period. The ratio Twitter uses is 1.1 to 1, on a figure of 2,000 followers, the highest number for following is 2,200 [or 10% more than are following you ]
The screen shot from the Tweetadder account I suggested you checked on to see how it progressed is at the bottom of the page. It shows that there are 2,237 to follow back [as at 25 Sept 2010].It is reasonable to assume that this number will continue to increase at the same percentage rate for some time. With 13,096 followers the most I can have following is 14,406. This means I can send out 1,310 +2,237 a total of 3,547 follows.
Twitter rules limit me to sending out 999 follows a day. This means I must alter the number of days before I can unfollow to 5 days in Tweetadder in order to take full advantage of the position, and keep altering that number of days at least once a week. The greater the number of days the follows are out, the higher the number of followers.
If all you want to do is to continually increase the number of followers, this is fine. The problem now is that twitter allows you to send up to 20 direct messages a day, with a total of 999 messages sent per day. Tweetadder set the time limit at 1 to 3 minutes between sending DMs, to make it look more natural. With a maximum of 20 to 60 DMs per hour and your computer on 24 hours a day, with Tweetadder running continually, it is going to take 2 weeks to send one message to each follower. Not the best of service for your followers.

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Vic Farron RFT Express. .
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