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Tuition Fees Vote

Ian Dunt, writing for Yahoo quoted "Despite repeated dismissals by Nick Clegg that these [Students] are uninformed protesters”. Nick Clegg doesn’t realise that students are intelligent, articulate people who are not being listened to by those in whom they placed their hope for a different politics. You will see from my last blog Nick Clegg's P.M.Q. or watch the BBC TV recording you will see one uninformed protester, who is not an intelligent, articulate person who doesn’t listen to those in whom he places his hope for a different politics.
The Lib Dems are split on what to do about voting on the tuition fees bill due to be heard on Thursday the 9th December. Vince Cable was for some time undecided which way to vote, he now appears to have settled on voting for his bill, but as is typical of the Lib Dems, he could do anything. The LiBDems are expecting a three way split in their votes, some abstaining, some voting no, some voting yes. Nick Clegg is not sure which way to vote.
The reason Thursday was picked, is because the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland M.P.s , who were expecting to vote against the Government, have usually left the commons to travel home on a Thursday
. But it is Fair Government to manipulate the vote on something so important.
2 E.D.M.s [Early Day Motions] have been registered, Greg Mulholland Lib Dems on 02/10/10 [No 1130]with 3 signatures
MOTION ON HIGHER EDUCATION HIGHER AMOUNTS “....considers that the proposed motion should not be moved, as the Government has failed to convince many people that its proposals will be fair and sustainable.... and further considers that the Government should come forward with a full White Paper on reform in 2011 and should allow time in this process for consultation and for alternative proposals to be properly considered to ensure a fair and sustainable solution for higher education funding.”
STUDENT PROTESTS AND OCCUPATIONS, John Mcdonell Labour on 23.11.2010 [No 1083] with 17 signatures
That this House notes that students around the country are organising peaceful protests and occupations against the Coalition Government's plans for increases in tuition fees, cuts to the education maintenance allowance and cuts in funding to universities and colleges; considers that these protests are in line with the long history of protests in this country provoked by the failure of governments to implement the wishes and interests of the people and to abide by their promises to the people; and therefore expresses its support for all those taking part in these peaceful protests and occupations
Whichever way the vote goes, it will all blow up in their faces. If they lose it will smash the Condem Coalition, if they win, they will commit both parties to oblivion, and the Lib Dems will be the first to feel the anger of the public with their A.V. Vote.
The Universities originally panicked at the thought of losing students and having to close down. They were sending acceptances out very quickly in the hope of committing students, but as expected the uptake just wasn’t there.
Ron Gold wrote in his blog Universities Dilemma: No students, about the prospect of Universities closing, through lack of students. RFT have learnt that universities are now looking at different ways of delivering courses. Many universities have valuable real estate, which they are looking to sell off, to alleviate the short term crisis, while others are looking at a long term strategy.
Some courses can be delivered on line at a fraction of the existing cost, both to the university and the students,[ref The Open University]. The ‘Halls of Residence’ this method would free up, could be let to ease the housing shortage. Other buildings could be adapted to Science Parks, or Business Parks, while others could be used for offices. Amenities such as playing fields, sports and leisure buildings could also generate income. Fees could drop as low as £1500 per year, there could be no limit on the number of students, and the universities would be independent of government intervention, in the future

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